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5 Fun Camping Activities For Families

You and your family have decided to spend the holidays travelling with your trusty caravan. You’ve chosen the location you want to explore and learn more about in this wonderful state. 

The kids are excited, the caravan is serviced and loaded, and everyone’s belongings are packed. However, what do you do when you arrive there? Will you sit around and tell ghost stories all day and night? In this article, we’ll be sharing five of the most fun activities you and your family can do on your next camping trip!

Fun Caravan Camping Activities For Kids And Parents

As part of your caravan holiday packing list, there are various activities you can add to make your family caravan adventures unforgettable – and they don’t always have to be so complicated! Here are some of the activities to consider doing with your family:

Go For A Walk

A long stroll with your family is an enjoyable and relaxing activity while camping in a caravan park. You can stroll through the campground looking for wildlife or simply appreciate the scenery. It’s an enjoyable and simple way to exercise and spend time with your family without being distracted by phones and gadgets.

Arrange A Picnic

Make a lovely picnic for your family. It’s simple, enjoyable, and an excellent way to spend time with the people you cherish. Pack everyone’s favourite snacks and drinks. Bring your food to a grassy area where you can spread out your blanket under a tree. You can even bring along a picnic table if you have one. There is nothing better than enjoying a meal with your family while appreciating a stunning view.

Have Fun In The Water

Most caravan parks are near water, so you can always choose to cool off in the water when it’s hot outside. You can swim, get your feet wet, or even try snorkelling to see what’s below the water’s surface. Time will fly by if you’re having fun in the water.

Play Hide And Seek

Hide and seek is an old-school activity that children find enjoyable. You can try it out on your next camping trip. You will certainly have fun finding your loved ones as they hide behind bushes, caravans, and trees.


Frisbee is ideal if you are looking for a physical activity that is not overly demanding. It is fun as you try to get a good Frisbee spin and fly it straight.

Caravan Camping Games For The Whole Family

Aside from the above activities, there are also games that your family can play to keep themselves entertained! Below are six games you can engage in to enhance an ultimate camp:


Cards require little or no equipment, are portable, and can be used for various games. People of all ages can play card games. They are a fantastic way to keep kids and adults entertained on a rainy or chilly night when your tent is your only adventure location. They also teach kids to plan and improve their fine and gross motor skills.

Ring Toss

Both kids and adults who enjoy competitive outdoor games will enjoy this traditional game. Set up the ring toss next to your caravan, and have participants take turns tossing rings on the posts. You can roll a die and challenge each number to make it more difficult.

Players must simultaneously complete the challenge and throw the ring when they roll the die to make the game harder and more enjoyable. You can create a ring out of glowsticks after the sun sets for a fresh spin on a classic game.

Camping Activities For Families

Scavenger Hunt

The number of participants will determine the difficulty level in a nature scavenger hunt. You can use nearby objects like sticks, pine cones, and flowers to organise a scavenger hunt for children. When creating a scavenger hunt for older kids or adults, make it more challenging by giving the participants specific flowers, birds, or leaves to find or by asking them to find clues that reveal a surprise at the end.

Capture The Flag

Another game to play on your camping trip is capture the flag. You will be needing two teams and two different-coloured flags. Each team should receive a different colour flag and raise it at its home base. The game’s object is to sneakily steal the opposing team’s flag and bring it back to your base. Players can tag or capture other players when they enter an enemy’s territory.

Board Games

Many board games are enjoyable to play while camping. Here are some of the best that kids love:

  • Ludo
  • Snakes and ladders
  • Scrabble
  • Operation

Flashlight Tag

The objective of the flashlight tag game is to get away from the “it” person. However, you can give the game a fun twist by using flashlights to make it more about strategy and stealth. You can play flashlight tag in a group depending on the number of players. It will be fun no matter what you choose to do.

Final Thoughts

Plenty of games and activities are available when camping at a caravan park to keep you and your family occupied and amused the entire time. We recommend these simple but fun activities:

  • Taking long walks with loved ones
  • Relaxing in the water
  • Enjoying a picnic with your family

You can quickly pass the time and have fun by trying out some of these activities, which offer hours of entertainment. You will certainly forget about your electronics if you try these activities while camping!

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