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Caravan Essentials: How To Pack Your Caravan Before Travelling 

Caravanning is fun and exciting; however, you might end up having a poor experience if you don’t pack all the essentials you will need on the road and perform the necessary safety checks. While packing for your trip might seem like a major inconvenience that takes hours if not days, to complete, you can make things easier on yourself by having a comprehensive packing checklist. This way, you can check things off as you go and make sure you don’t forget anything important.

Read on below for a comprehensive list of all the caravan essentials you need before setting off on a road trip.  

Things To Pack For Your Caravan Road Trip

Food And Kitchen Supplies:

When choosing your caravan food and kitchen supplies, remember to save space and keep things as light as possible. More importantly, try to stick to your normal cooking style, and only carry what you will need and nothing extra.

Some examples of kitchen essentials include: cutlery, durable utensils, fryer/griller, coffee maker, tongs, toasting fork, saucepans, egg lifter etc. The type and amount of food you will need to carry is dependent on the number of people you will be travelling with as well as your own tastes and preferences. Don’t forget to pack some dried/canned foods in case you end up stranded in a remote area.

Some staples here you may want to bring include: eggs, bread, milk, fresh and frozen meat, beverages, cooking oil, peanut butter, honey, jam, potatoes etc.  

Water Supply Items:

You will need to have a few important items to ensure that you have consistent access to water during your trip, regardless of whether your caravan’s water tanks are full or not. 

Some examples include inline water filter, brass hose fittings, drinking water hoses, collapsible bucket, portable grey water bucket, tap key and hose joiner among others.  


If you plan on spending a few nights in your caravan, you will need to pack some bedding items. Think of blankets,  sheets, pillows, and even a sleeping bag. 


You need to pack some toothpaste, a toothbrush, toilet paper, mirror, hair brush/comb, conditioner and shampoo, hand cleaner and toilet soap, face washer and towel and shaving supplies among others.  

First Aid Kits:

To be properly prepared for any emergency on the road, you need to have the right first aid supplies. These include an easily accessible fully stocked first aid kit and instructions book, lip and hand moisturiser, panadol, sunscreen, skin cream for different types of rashes and any personal medication that you normally use among others.  

Tools And Spares:

While you might not need to make any repairs during short trips, things tend to be different when taking longer trips. Some things on your car, or caravan, may get damaged or come loose when travelling across rough terrain. 

For this, you will need a variety of tools and spares including, screwdrivers, spanner set, puncture repair kit, cable ties, scissors, spare radiator hoses and fan-belt, socket set, tyre pressure gauge, mini spirit level, hammer and rubber mallet, electrical tape etc.     

Heating And Cooling:

If you want to keep your caravan as comfortable as possible, regardless of the weather, you will need the right caravan heating and cooling equipment. An electric blow heater and a 12v fan are more than enough here. 

caravan packing list

How To Set Up Your Caravan Before Your Road Trip

If you don’t want your caravan’s doors to keep swinging open, or water to get stuck in the sink, then you must use the right caravan levelling and security devices to set it up properly before your road trip. 

Some of the important devices you need for this task include levelling devices, stabiliser pads, jockey wheel, chock pads, levelling ramps, caravan hitch lock and handheld UHFs.   

Caravan Checklist 

Before you hit the road, make sure that you don’t forget to pack the following in your caravan:

  • Check the fire extinguisher and fire blanket
  • Check whether the fire alarm is working and replace the battery where necessary
  • Check for a brush/pan set or mini vacuum
  • Shoe container or rack
  • Compact bin and bin liners
  • Shopping and laundry bags
  • Reading materials, pens, board games and cards
  • Kettle and toaster
  • Firelighter and Torches 
  • Folding chairs 
  • Charges for your devices
  • Extension cords for your caravan on powered sites as well as caravan fridge and other appliances
  • Wet weather gear, umbrellas, hats and sunglasses
  • Camera
  • Compact table for outdoor meal preparation
  • Caravan mats, for outside and inside
  • Car or canvas cleaners and BBQ wipes
  • Hand wipes and sanitisers
  • Sponges, plugs and dishwashing detergents
  • 3M hooks, Velcro tape and under-shelf hanging basket or shelf rack for added storage

Final Thoughts 

With the above caravan packing list in mind, you can be sure that you have everything you need to go out and enjoy everything that the great outdoors has to offer. 

Visit RV & Caravan Centre For Your Caravan Servicing Needs 

If you are planning an upcoming road trip in your caravan, head over to RV & Caravan Centre and get your caravan serviced to ensure that it is in the best condition before you hit the road. 

Please give us a call today on 1800 782 236 to learn more about our caravan services or leave an enquiry.

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