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RV & Caravan Servicing

How often should you take in your RV or caravan for servicing and maintenance? When last did you get your caravan serviced? It is vital to have caravan servicing and repairs from time to time as it improves your safety and helps you avoid incurring costly repairs in the future. RV & Caravan Centre has more than 25 years of experience and offers caravan services. For all your caravan servicing needs, please click below for an estimate.


All Brand Caravan Services

RV & Caravan Centre offers all brand caravan servicing and is highly recommended to perform all your insurance repairs. We are a licensed service centre that offers full-service caravan repair, servicing and maintenance. RV & Caravan Centre is a professionally operated business, so whether you are looking for a caravan mechanic or need pre-purchase inspections, we can help.

Caravan Servicing Checklist

Here is a list of RV & caravan servicing we do for our customers in NSW:

Servicing Centre In NSW

Ballina, Port Macquarie & Forster-Tuncurry

Ensure you get our caravan serviced regularly as servicing it is vital. Regularly servicing your caravan will save you costly repairs in the future, and it also ensures that your caravan has a longer lifespan.

Regular caravan servicing is really important! With over 25 years of experience, RV & Caravan Centre offers servicing, maintenance and safety checks. Please call us today on 1800 782 236 or request a quote below.

Caravan Repair FAQs

When you take your caravan to get serviced, everything is thoroughly inspected to ensure that it is fully functioning. Typically, regular caravan servicing includes inspection of brakes, hitch, handbrake, awnings, water tanks and plumbing, wiring connections and external lights, peripheral fittings and components, chassis and suspension, tyres, and bearing and hubs.

How regularly you service your caravan depends on various factors. For instance, if it is still new, get it serviced as recommended by your manufacturer or after every 15-20,000kms. But generally, you should get your caravan serviced after 12 months, or when it gets to 10,000km, it depends on what happens first.
No, you are not legally required to service your caravan. On the other hand, you are legally required to have a roadworthy caravan. However, it would be best to service your caravan as it ensures that everything is in good working order, enhancing your safety when you are on the road while helping you avoid unforeseen problems.

No, your campervan does not need a habitation check except if you hire your campervan out to other individuals or your campervan insurance company requests for one. You will not need a habitation check to use or drive your vehicle. However, ensure that you have in-date insurance, and if you buy the campervan second-hand, then get a habitation check done before finalising the purchase.

The price of a campervan habitation check may vary based on several factors, such as where you get it from and gas safety check. Note that a good habitation check should last at least three hours.

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