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Safety Checks

Caravan Safety

When it comes to caravan safety, it’s important to make sure that everything is in order before hitting the open road. That’s where RV & Caravan Centre comes in. With our comprehensive caravan safety checklists, you can rest assured that your caravan is ready for the journey ahead. You can be confident that your caravan meets all the necessary safety standards. For peace of mind on your next road trip, request an estimate today.

Caravan Safety Checks

What is involved in a caravan check? This ranges from checking out general wear and tear to servicing, roof box checks, tyre safety, battery health etc. The list is extensive, but your workshop technicians will be able to advise on what needs doing before you leave.

  • Caravan Safety Checklist

    Safety is paramount when it comes to caravans, and there are quite a few things you need to look out for.  RV & Caravan Centre’s safety checklist includes:
  • 01.

    Battery Health

    Battery health plays a vital role when it comes to caravanning, with your caravan being used extensively on a regular basis. It’s important to check its battery health, so you know what condition it is in before setting off on your trip.
  • 02.

    Tyre Safety

    When you’re behind the wheel, it’s important to make sure your caravan is fully road legal. With this in mind, tyre safety plays a big role when it comes to ensuring you get where you need to be safely and securely. Are the spare tyres still in place? Are they inflated correctly? Tyre pressure should be checked regularly, as well as the depth of your tread.
  • 03.

    Exterior Surface

    A caravan can sense when it has been ignored for too long – our caravan technician will make sure your caravan is free from cracks or other damage. They will make sure your lights are working and check the exterior surface for any damage to make sure your caravan is in tip-top condition.
  • 04.

    Interior Features

    During a safety inspection, all crucial caravan components, including lights, cooker, toilet, and other safety-related features, must be thoroughly examined to ensure their proper functioning and minimize potential hazards. This comprehensive inspection is essential to guarantee a safe and trouble-free journey for caravan enthusiasts.
  • 05.

    General Wear & Tear

    If you want everything to remain in good working order, then it’s a good idea to have everything checked as much as possible. This means checking the caravan for any signs of damage, whether this is a small scrape or a whole panel that might need repairing or an upgrade.
  • 06.

    External Fittings

    Are your external fittings in good working order? The caravan safety inspector will be able to advise on anything that needs doing, whether it’s an outside light or a step that needs replacing. It’s important to have everything checked so you can travel with confidence.
  • 07.

    LPG System Check

    Last but not least, it’s important to routinely check that the gas system is fully operational and safe. It’s a good idea to check this over every time you use your caravan, just in case there have been any problems that have been previously missed.

Let Us Perform Caravan Safety Checks Before You Set-Off

Your caravan is considered to be one of your most prized possessions. It requires just as much care and attention, if not more than an average vehicle, so you must be familiar with all aspects of safety checks before you leave on a trip.

Let the experts take a look at things, so you don't have to worry about anything going wrong on your trip. Contact RV & Caravan Centre to book a caravan safety check today.

Caravan Safety Checks Services FAQs

Your caravan will be checked to ensure that it is in good working order, from checking the tyres to the battery. The list is extensive, but they will also be able to advise on anything that needs doing before you set off.

Yes, caravans need to be checked for everything that a vehicle does. This will include checking the tyres, bodywork and any other parts of the caravan.

You should service your caravan every 12 months or 10,000km whichever comes first, checking over everything and ensuring nothing is faulty. If you’re not sure when it was last serviced, make sure you book in for a check-up to avoid any problems on the road.

Static caravans should be tested every six months, as with a caravan that’s used for holidays. If you haven’t used it in some time, make sure you book in for a test as soon as possible.

Electrical systems are tested once when they are installed. After that they are only tested to diagnose any faults.

Yes, you need a gas safety certificate for any system that uses gas. This is because there’s always a risk of carbon monoxide poisoning if the system malfunctions.

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