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How Do I Upgrade The Interior Of My Caravan? 

Does your caravan’s interior look dated? Would you like to spice things up with a few useful upgrades? There are many things you can do to give your caravan’s interior a much-needed facelift, without breaking the bank. 

To help you get started on the right path, this article lists some of the upgrades you can get to enhance the comfort of your caravan, with minimal hassle. This way, you won’t need to spend a huge chunk of your money on a new caravan, just because your old one looks a bit dated.  


Consider replacing your caravan’s upholstery if it is looking a bit tired. While you are at it, you can also get new cushions for the seats and even a new mattress, if the current ones have lost their support. Alternatively, you can get new cushions and use some loose throw cushions to cover the seats, if replacing the entire upholstery is out of your budget. 

You can also consider getting new curtains as well. This gives you the opportunity to get something that offers enhanced insulation and blackout. 


Your caravan is your home away from home. With that said, you can make it homier by adding/upgrading a few important appliances. Installing new kitchen appliances, including a modern microwave, cooker and refrigerator will go a long way towards creating a homey environment. 

Furthermore, you can upgrade the heating and cooling system as well. A modern AC system controlled via a smartphone can be a great addition. With it, you can make sure that your caravan is as cool or as warm as you need it, remotely, before you return. 

However, it is worth noting that unless you are dealing with like-for-like models, finding the right appliances can be quite challenging. 

Upgrade The Interior Of My Caravan


You can save a lot of money and energy by upgrading your caravan’s lighting. Replacing traditional light bulbs with LED lights will brighten up your caravan and also save on energy consumption. LEDs also last longer than traditional light bulbs. 

You can add other simple personal touches like lining the bottom of upper-level lockers with LED light strips. 

However, be sure to check whether all your lights are connected to 12V circuits, before installing any LED lighting on your own. If the existing lights are powered by 230V circuits, consider hiring a professional electrician for the job.   

Entertainment/Sound System 

Want to enjoy your favourite tunes or movies whenever you are out driving or camping in your caravan? Why not upgrade the entertainment system? Depending on the model and design specifications of your caravan, you might be able to easily install or upgrade the entertainment system with ease. 

Some models come with a pre-wired set-up – which makes the installation of an entertainment system simpler. Others might have an existing entertainment system already installed – all you need is to upgrade the entire system or some parts of it. For instance, upgrading the speakers alone can work wonders!


Upgrading the interior of your caravan can positively impact its comfort and overall value. While there are many ways to upgrade the interior of your caravan, it is important that you carefully consider the overall impact of each upgrade. In some cases, an upgrade that might appear great to you may diminish the value of your caravan in the eyes of future buyers. 

RV & Caravan Centre offers caravan repairs for all types of caravans. As an insurance repairer, you can trust the company to make repairs and upgrades that will maintain or enhance the overall value of your caravan. 

Contact RV & Caravan Centre today to find out more about caravan repairs and upgrades, and to request an estimate.

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