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Things To Look For When Buying A Second Hand Caravan

The internet is filled with numerous options when it comes to buying a second-hand caravan. While the wide selection does give buyers a better chance of finding something that perfectly fits their needs, it also makes choosing one caravan more challenging.

If you are looking for the perfect caravan to help you take the most memorable trips whenever you feel the need, you have come to the right place.

Below, you will find a comprehensive guide on what to look for when buying a second-hand caravan, including things to consider, how to inspect potential buys, as well as some of the main questions to ask the seller and so much more.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Secondhand Caravan

  • Budget: Your available budget is one of the main determinants when it comes to the type of caravan you can afford. Simply put, you should do your best to stick to your set budget and avoid wasting time looking at caravans with a purchase price that exceeds your budget. Pushing yourself to buy a caravan that is costlier than you can comfortably afford may even limit your ability to cover the cost of all the trips you wish to take in the near future.
  • Size: Caravans come in a variety of sizes. If you want something that you and your family can use without feeling too crammed during your travels, be sure to take the time to assess your space requirements. Afterwards, be sure to carry a tape measure to any caravan viewing in order to ascertain whether the dimensions are in line with your requirements. Your towing vehicle may also have an influence on the size of caravan you should actually buy.
  • Intended Use: Where and how do you intend to use your caravan. On paved roads, or mostly off-road? You will need a significantly different caravan depending on your preference, when it comes to the intended use.
  • Dealer or Private Seller: When buying a pre-loved caravan, you have two main options, go with a private seller or  a dealership. While a private seller may be able to give you a lower price, a dealer might be able to sweeten the deal by providing you with a refurbished caravan that comes with a warranty among others.

Things Look For Buying Second Hand Caravan

Questions To Ask The Caravan Owner

  • What is the age of the van?
  • Where has the caravan been taken on trips in the past?
  • What is the service history of the caravan?
  • Does the caravan have any damage that requires repairs?
  • Where is the caravan kept?

Main Things To Look For On The Outside Of The Caravan

  • Any evidence of oil or fluid leaks
  • Dents, Scratches, Rust and Suspicious paint jobs covering up any damage
  • Do the Doors and Windows open and close properly?
  • Chassis cracks
  • Tire and Axle condition
  • Condition of the external electrical and gas components as well as water tanks
  • Condition of the handbrake, tow hitch, jockey wheel and awning

Main Things To look For On The Inside Of The Caravan

  • What is the condition of the caravan’s floor?
  • Check for any signs of dampness – preferably using a damp meter
  • Are the appliances, including microwave, fridge and stove, in good working order?
  • Does the caravan come with a fire extinguisher and a smoke detector installed?
  • What is the condition of the drawers and cabinets?
  • Are the internal gas and electrical components in good condition?
  • Are the door and window locks working?
  • Are the interior lights functional
  • Are all the interior water outlets, including sink and shower, working?

Bargaining Tips

Once you have found a caravan you like, use the following tips to get the price to where you would want it to be:

  • Don’t be afraid to walk away
  • Focus on more than just the price
  • Check out the logbook where possible
  • Ask for receipts associated with the caravan
  • Highlight any flaws on the caravan
  • Practice give and take

Final Thoughts

With the above information in mind and in practice when shopping for a secondhand caravan, you will be able to get something that you can be proud of. However, considering that you are looking for something used, you should always be ready to make some compromises with regard to the condition of the van. Most caravans will need a few repairs here and there to get them back to their best condition, you can ask the seller cover the cost of the repairs, or simply negotiate for a lower price and cover the repairs yourself.

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