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8 Useful Caravan Accessories And Parts To Buy

You should prioritise making your caravan more comfortable if you consider caravanning to be a major part of your life. And, don’t forget to have your caravan serviced yearly. You can make your trips on the road more exciting by enhancing the performance and comfort of your caravan with a few useful accessories and parts and by making sure your caravan is fully serviced and ready to take on the long journey ahead.

While there are many caravan accessories out there, please read on for a list of some of the most important ones.

8 Most Useful Caravan Accessories

1). Towing Mirrors: If you really want to drive safely while towing your caravan, it is highly recommended that you have towing mirrors fitted to your tow vehicle. You can replace the mirrors on your tow vehicle with towing mirrors, or simply get clip-on mirrors.

2). Solar Panels: Want to save energy while still ensuring that all your devices and appliances are fully charged or powered? Be sure to get solar panels installed on your caravan. You can even get a portable solar panel that can be deployed whenever necessary.

3). Awnings and Annexes: Whether you are out camping or just making a stop to rest up a bit, you will need caravan awnings and annexes. These accessories provide some much-needed shade from the hot sun as well as shelter from the rain. Furthermore, these accessories can help you create a private space for yourself and your family while camping.

4). Levelling Ramps and Chocks: You will need to have levelling ramps and wheel chocks if you intend to camp anywhere other than a caravan park. These accessories can be used to keep your caravan from rolling when parked on a slope, and also ensure that it is level when parking on uneven ground.

5). Portable Fans and Heaters: Prevailing weather conditions should not keep you from caravanning. And, with the right portable fan and heater, you can enjoy travelling and camping outdoors, regardless of how hot or cold the weather gets, whether or not your caravan has air conditioning.

6). Reversing Cameras: A reversing camera comes in handy when steering and braking as you reverse your caravan. Fitted onto the tow vehicle, the reversing camera makes it easy for you to reverse your vehicle – without having to ask your companion to get out of the car and guide you – by giving you a clear view out of the back of the caravan.

Caravan Accessories And Parts

7). First Aid Kit: A first aid kit is one of the most important caravan accessories. While it is possible for you to put together your very own first aid kit, you are better off getting one of the fully-packed survival first aid kits. These kits come with all the medical supplies you would need to get through a medical emergency on the road.

8). Fold-Up Step: Want to make it easier for you and anyone else you might be travelling with to get out of the caravan when it appears to be too high off the ground? A fold-up step is exactly what you need. This accessory is quite useful and can be easily folded into a compact package to save space when not in use. Furthermore, it can also be used as a drinks table during happy hour, when you are out camping!

Tips For Perfect Caravan Adventures

  • Make a Checklist: Before you head out on your next caravanning adventure, make sure that you have everything you need by making a checklist.
  • Secure Your Caravan: To keep your supplies and any appliances and other items from being knocked out of place when you are driving, secure your cabinet doors. Furthermore, remember to lock the caravan doors and windows before you hit the road.
  • Be Careful: For your safety, and that of other road users, it is recommended that you always exercise caution when towing a caravan – especially if you are a beginner.
  • Master Your Caravan’s Set-up Routine: While every caravan is different, mastering your unit’s specific set-up routine will help you save time and effort whenever you get to your destination.
  • Always Work Together: If you intend to travel with your partner or family, be sure to work together as a team. Parking or reversing into tight spaces is much easier when you have someone assisting you.

Final Thoughts

Caravanning is a great way to enjoy the varied and exciting Australian outdoors. However, for the most enjoyment and comfort during your travels, it is important to have a few essential caravan accessories, as highlighted above. You can start with these essentials, and accumulate more accessories as you learn more about your caravanning preferences with time.

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