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RV & Caravan Centre has 25 years of experience performing caravan repairs and servicing. Our company is an insurance repairer, and most major insurance companies prefer to work with our company. From repair work on caravans, horse floats, camper trailers to insurance work, no job is too big or small. Below are the services we offer:

Repair Centre In NSW

Ballina, Port Macquarie & Foster-Tuncurry

RV & Caravan Centre provides caravan repairs and services no matter what brand you own and is the preferred repairer of most major insurance companies. Please call us today on 1800 782 236 or request a quote below.

Caravan Repair FAQs
When you take your caravan for servicing, every moving part is thoroughly inspected to ensure it is functioning optimally. A typical caravan service covers the inspection of the handbrake, brakes, awnings, hitch, water tanks & plumbing, chassis and suspensions, wiring connections and external lights, tyres peripheral fittings and components, bearings and hubs.
Yes, caravans get serviced. It is crucial to get your caravan serviced as it helps you avoid future costly repairs and ensure your caravan is in good condition, improving your safety on the road.
If your caravan has undergone hail damage or water leaks, it is best to seal it to prevent further damage. Typically, you should reseal your caravan every five to six years.
Various factors may determine how often you need to service your caravan. However, expert mechanics and caravan manufacturers recommend that you service your caravan every 12 months or after 10,000km, depending on what comes first.
Purchasing a caravan is expensive, which is why you need to take proper care of your caravan. Before the pre-purchase, you need to ensure you are ready for the responsibility of owning a caravan. While the costs may add up, a caravan is not expensive to maintain if you perform proper care and maintenance.
It is vital to service your motorhome. While you may be able to cater to some aspects of motorhome maintenance, it would be best to let a professional handle your motorhome’s servicing requirements. However, there are some basic safety checks you can perform on your own by checking the gas, water, heating, electrical systems and appliances.
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